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Network & Services monitoring with Prometheus

If you have already installed both Prometheus & Grafana you are ready to start creating data collectors and utilising them to store status of your systems. Scraping of ICMP-Ping statuses Now, that both the Prometheus and Blackbox_exporter are running, we can instruct prometheus to nudge the blackbox_exporter for Pings of devices we are interested in. Everything around prometheus (not grafana) is configured through config files, so. We need to open up the prometheus/prometheus.yml file and

Kamil Śmigielski

23.02.2024, 15:11

Installation of Network & Services monitoring - Grafana/Prometheus

Whether you are administering over a set of internet services, or networked devices, you are fully aware how blackbox'y they become after being setup. How every device or service, after optimizations done during the initial setup, executes it's tasks with only final results being known, but no intermediate problems being observable. There are tons of apparently "ready-made" solutions, but in my opinion no pre-scripted solution is going to be aware of your individual needs or additional abilitie

Kamil Śmigielski

10.09.2023, 11:53